From 2023 to 2024

From 2023 to 2024
Photo by Kajetan Sumila / Unsplash

Hello, everyone! As we bid farewell to 2023, I find myself reflecting on a year filled with growth, unexpected twists, and countless moments that have shaped our journey. Join me in recapping the highlights and let’s define the my goals in 2024 together.

First part of this article I will share the results about my 2023 goals and completion from my point of view.

Read a minimum of 12 books (minimum of 6 books in English)

My goal was to read at least 12 books, with 6 in English. I managed to dive into 9 books this year, an improvement from the previous 8. While I didn’t quite reach the desired dozen, I’m proud to say I hit a solid 70% completion. Of those, 3 were in English, adding a diverse twist to my literary journey. Additionally, this year marked the beginning of my exploration into non-fiction books, adding a new dimension to my reading pursuits.

Ride or run a minimum of 3.000 km and a minimum of 150 days active.

In 2023, I initially aimed to cover 3,000 kilometers by running and riding for 150 days. However, I faced some physical challenges in the first six months and I took physical therapy, so I started training more seriously from June onward. I found that I enjoyed running the most, and it became my primary sport. By the end of the year, I had completed over 1,000 kilometers of running and had been active for 115 days. I even completed a Half Marathon and set new goals for 2024. You can check my Strava stats for more details on my 2023 activities.

Take a minimum of 12 videos on Youtube.

This year, I had set an ambitious goal to upload at least 12 videos on YouTube. However, life had other plans, and I could just create 3 videos about my running life. This outcome, while initially seen as a failure, has been a valuable learning experience. It’s taught me about setting realistic goals and adapting to unexpected changes in priorities and interests. Sometimes, not meeting a goal can open doors to new insights and opportunities. My channel:

Changing eating habits and trying to be more healthy + happy

In 2023, I really worked on getting healthier and happier. I started running regularly, which made me feel great. My eating got better too — not perfect, but definitely an improvement. More than just getting fit, I had a blast hanging out with friends and I really started to thinking about what makes me happy while deciding what to do. It’s been all about feeling good and making choices that are right for me.

Don’t rush for any decision think more and plan more.

This year, I embraced a more thoughtful approach to life. Instead of rushing decisions, I took time to ponder and plan. This slower pace brought a sense of calm, allowing me to savor moments, especially those spent with friends. A highlight was our 10-day stay in Amsterdam, where we lived like locals to really understand if moving there was right for us. This period of growth has been evident in my decisions, actions, and even in the evolution of my friendships. It’s been a year of maturing and learning to appreciate the power of reflection.

Additionally in 2023,

This year’s travels were full of diverse experiences. In Milan, I was captivated by the stunning Duomo and the city’s fashion scene. Amsterdam amazed me with its bike-friendly streets and the lush, relaxing Vondelpark. In Copenhagen, the colorful Nyhavn harbor and the city’s design-forward atmosphere were truly impressive. Lastly, the delicious Greek cuisine and the joy of spending time with friends made Samos an unforgettable destination.

This year marked a significant milestone in my musical journey as I began playing the Bağlama, a traditional Turkish instrument. While I had attempted it in the past, this time I’ve stuck with it for four months and it’s going incredibly well. The progress I’ve made has been both rewarding and inspiring, truly enhancing my appreciation for this beautiful instrument.

Let’s talk about 2024

As we step into 2024, the promise of a new year never fails to ignite a sense of excitement and renewal within me. While I have outlined a set of goals for the year ahead, it’s important to acknowledge that, as was the case with my 2023 goals, life’s unpredictability often leads us down unexpected paths.

Here are the aspirations I’ve set for myself in 2024:

  1. Achieve a total distance of at least 1,500 kilometers through running or cycling, spanning across 150 days. Additionally, I aim to successfully complete three half marathons during the year.

  2. Share my expertise by delivering speeches at a minimum of three Software Conferences.

  3. Dedicate more quality time to nurturing my relationships with family and friends, cherishing the bonds that matter most.

  4. Expand my knowledge in the fields of economics and finance, with the ultimate goal of delving into the world of investing.

As I start the year 2024, my top priority is the health and safety of my family and myself. I recognize that, before pursuing these important goals, it’s crucial to ensure our well-being. I’m also ready for whatever comes our way in the year ahead, knowing that life can be unpredictable.