From 2022 to 2023

From 2022 to 2023
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Hello everyone!
2022 is over! 2022 was one of the best years of my life. We had a lot of fun. We had big decisions that changed our life. Let's start with last year's goals then I will define some new goals for 2023! (From 2021 to 2022)

I defined simple goals for 2022. Actually not simple but not too many.

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Let's start one by one:

  • I got used to the Heycar. Heycar is really great company. I worked for 5 companies before Heycar and I can totally say that Heycar is the best company I have ever worked for. Because the work is good and the team is supportive. Culture is pushing for learning and improvement so what more could I ask for? So I can totally say this goal is completed 🎉
  • For the second goal, I have read 8 books + 1 mini book that's not listed in Goodreads. (My Goodreads profile). You can see that I have read 8 books in 2022 and 1818 total pages.
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  • These are the books that I read in 2022. As for the goal of reading, I can't say totally complete but I was so close. And these days I am reading: Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making. And I have a completed %50 of it.

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  • For the third goal, I just took 2 videos for Youtube and I am really sorry for this goal. Because I really wanted to take videos and I had time also. But I couldn't I hope I can take more than 2022 in 2023. So this goal is not completed.
  • The last goal, learning German culture + meet with some people in Germany. I can say I completed this 30% because we moved back to Izmir (because of family health problems). I went to the office 2 times after we moved back and these days I have a 1-year visa for visiting the office. For the %30 part I met with different people in the office and got used to speaking English face-to-face. So we will see what the future brings us abroad but we can say that this goal is not completed because of unexpected problems. But now we and our family are healthy and good. That's the most important thing and we are happy.
  • I wanted to add two bonus points to my goals.
  • After we moved the Berlin, Germany we traveled to 5 countries and different cities in these countries. And this felt awesome to me and my wife. We really liked seeing different cities + cultures. (Paris, Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Venice, Hamburg, Berlin, Augsburg, Wertingen, Brussels)
  • I started cycling + running last 6 months of 2022 and this is really important for my health. I have completed more than 500 km with these sports activities.

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So we can say that 2022 is one of the best years of our life. Because we moved to Europe, traveled to many countries, moved back to Turkey, and found a great home for rent (and we really like that), read books, made some sports. For 2023 I listed some goals below but in 2022 I understood that everything can change and life can bring unexpected things to us. These are the goals that I have:

  • Read a minimum of 12 books (minimum of 6 books in English)
  • Ride or run a minimum of 3.000 km and a minimum of 150 days active.
  • Take a minimum of 12 videos on Youtube.
  • Changing eating habits and trying to be more healthy + happy
  • Don't rush for any decision think more and plan more.
I hope 2023 will be a year of a healthy and happy life for all of us.🧿