From 2021 to 2022

From 2021 to 2022
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Hello everyone!
We came to the end of 2021. We can't say it was a good year, because coronavirus didn't over. Also nowadays we have a new variant that is named 'Omicron'. But the world has a vaccine right now and I have vaccinated in my country. That's the good news. I hope all countries can reach vaccines easily.

In this blog post, I want to check my goals for 2021 then want to talk about 2022 goals.
I wrote a blog post in early 2021. (From 2020 to 2021). With this blog post I explained the goals below :

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I want to talk about my goals one by one.

  • The first goal was to complete my thesis and master's degree and it's completed. I wrote my thesis about 'Web Performance Evaluation and Improving'. I got my diploma and it was the most important goal for me in 2021 so I am so happy about it!.
  • The second goal was to read 10 books in the year. I couldn't complete this goal but I read 5 books and currently reading 2 books. So before this year, I wasn't reading books for 5 years maybe so it's also a good improvement on my side.
  • The third goal was to complete military service in Turkey. And it's completed. I have good new friends from the military service period. It was a bad month. The important thing is it is over :D
  • The fourth goal was losing weight. I completed and when I wrote that blog I needed to give 9 kilograms more. And I gave 5 kilograms more but I couldn't continue because of the summer. Right now I need to give 10 kilograms so I couldn't complete this goal. I will define this one for the new year.
  • And the last goal was to write 10 blog posts about software engineering. I wrote 7 blog posts and I gave a speech at the GeekDays conference. I think we can say it's completed. Because last period of the year was too busy for my side. I will explain it in the next step.
  • I also have one goal that I didn't add to the list. Finding work in Germany after I came back from military service. I also completed this goal and I will start working as a Frontend Engineer in heycar in February. That's was one of the most important goals and we are excited about this process.
  • My Youtube channel has 1 K subscribers right now. It wasn't on the list but I am also happy about the 1K goal-achieving :)

When I look at the results of my goals in 2021 I think it was one of the successful years of my life. We completed most of the important things about our life. Also in 2021, I opened a Youtube channel and I am making videos about technology, life, or whatever I want :)

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Berlin and with 2022, I hope coronavirus will be over. We are starting a new chapter of our life with my wife. And I can't say like previous year these are my goals. Because new country, new people, new culture, new company all of these are excited and need to discover. But at least I can list some generic goals like:

  • Getting used to heycar company, new team, and new projects.
  • Reading at least 10 books
  • Taking at least 25 Youtube videos
  • Meeting with new people, start to learn German culture.

For now, I can say these items as my goals in 2022. I hope 2021 will be a year of a healthy and happy life for all of us.