From 2020 to 2021

From 2020 to 2021

Hi everyone. In this article, i will evaluate 2020 and i will talk about my 2021 goals. First of all 2020 started really good because it was first new year celebration with my wife in our home.

Starting of 2020 year i was applying the jobs in Germany and Netherlands. Also i was entering some interviews. I got message from a company on LinkedIn. They were saying they have open Frontend Developer position and they were asking me about do i want to enter interviews. Then i made some research about the company it seems nice and then i replied yes i can because also i was applying jobs in Germany also.

After the steps of interview i got offer and accepted. So we decided with my wife to move Hamburg. Then we got visa and made all operations. I started working remotely and we have lived some problems with company. In 5th day they were pushing me for overtime, so i decided not start with that company.
We decided go Germany and look for the jobs. Then country restrictions came and we couldn't go to Germany.

I left from current company i had to find job quickly. My friend reffered me for Intertech company and i started quickly.
Yes, it was hard time for me and my wife. Also pandemic was so hard, we were in home all the times because of quarantine.

After that, 2020 was not actually a very active year. We were at home almost all year. However, when we were at home, it was very useful for me in terms of software development. In this process, I developed very good open source projects such as Reposlib and FindPeer and developed myself in the frontend field. I also published 7 blog posts.

At the same time, my wife started working at Trendyol in 2020 and it was a very good progress for us.

When we came to end of 2020, I signed up with OSF Digital for the Frontend Developer position and I am starting as of January 18, 2021. However, I switched from working as a Full-Stack for 4 years to Frontend, which is the field I want.

Yes 2021 started really good for me, because i'm starting with new company and frontend position.

As for my 2021 goals,

  • First of all, getting used to the new company and doing good work
  • Completing my master's thesis
  • Reading habit and reading at least 10 books
  • To complete my military service without any problems
  • I started dieting in December 2020 and I lost 6 kg, I want to lose another 9 kg.
  • Write at least 10 blog posts which learned topics

For now, my goals are like this. I hope I achieve these goals. Yes 2020 was very bad for all of us, I hope 2021 will be a year of healthy and happy life.